Mr. Nice (2010) Rhys Ifans, Chloë Sevigny, David Thewlis, Luis Tosar, Crispin Glover Movie Review

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Rhys Ifans in Mr. Nice (2010)

Mr. Nice (2010)

Howard Marks (Rhys Ifans) came from a small Welsh village where as a young boy he was bullied by others for being a sissy. But after getting top marks in his exams he ends up going to Oxford University where after experiencing drugs he graduates as a qualified teacher. But then one night he goes to help a friend shifting some resin who has found himself being arrested in Germany and suddenly that career as a teacher seems less interesting when Howard realises the money there is to be made through drugs. As time passes Howard and his close friends are shifting drugs all over the globe in a very lucrative business.

Director Bernard Rose makes a classic mistake with the movie "Mr. Nice" about drug dealer Howard Marks and he is not alone as so many directors make the same mistake. The mistake is that Rose takes for granted that the audience watching "Mr. Nice" are already aware of Howard Marks and his story almost to the point that this feels like a movie made for those who have already read the book on which it is based. Sadly that means for those in the dark to who Howard Marks is at the start of the movie are probably going to still be a bit in the dark once the movie is over.

This feeling that "Mr. Nice" is made for those already in the know is backed up by Bernard Rose's directional style whish whilst not by any means pretentious certainly has an artistic side with a certain graphic styling which in fairness will most likely appeal to those who enjoy movies as art. But the artistic moments were not for me and whilst they don't ruin "Mr. Nice" they do contribute to an unevenness which makes it all the more hard going for those who haven't already read the book.

As for the acting well Rhys Ifans spends a lot of time mumbling and so you are left wondering what he is saying half the time. The other half you are wondering what every one else is saying because they mumble as well. You may think I am being harsh but trust me "Mr. Nice" makes some heavily criticized BBC dramas appear good when it comes to the audio quality.

What this all boils down to is that "Mr. Nice" didn't do it for me and the majority of my issues stem from this being one of those biopics which plays out as if you already know the story which in turns lead to some artistic choices which don't work for those trying to make sense of the story.