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Mr. Write (2016)

Writer's Love Block

Dori Shephard (Charlotte Sullivan) should have her forthcoming wedding to Philip (Preston Vanderslice) on her mind but as a junior editor at Heartstrings Press she finds her mind focused on Michael Rothchild’s (Corey Sevier), her favourite author who is facing being dropped unless he comes up with a new novel. Not overly impressed to find himself being switched from his usual editor down to a junior one the poorly mannered Michael agrees to work with Dori when he realises that if he is dropped he will have to hand back the advance which he has already spent. But with her focus on getting Michael back on track things start to change in her life.

With that synopsis for "Mr. Write" out of the way with I don't think I need to expel much of an effort to write a review of this made for TV romantic move from the Pixl network. I guess that if you have never watched another movie before the storyline might be pleasant and surprising but for me it really only delivered not only what I had seen many times before but what I expected. As such when Dori begins to question where her heart lies whilst Michael turns from being arrogant to a nice guy you can probably guess things. About the only thing in the least bit different in "Mr. Write" is the sub-plot surrounding Dori's unromantic colleague who finds herself with a date determined to sweep her off of her feet.

What this all boils down to is that "Mr. Write" is nothing new, it is another made for TV romantic comedy which sticks quite closely to the formula which plenty of other movies have used. It isn't terrible but neither does it stand out from the crowd by becoming anything special.