Muck (2015)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Muck (2015)

Where There's Muck There's Nothing

A small group of friends gather on the edge of a marsh having encountered something evil in the darkness which has already claimed a couple of them or so they think as there is no way any of them is going back in there to find out. As the injured group look to escape they come across an empty holiday home in the middle of nowhere where despite fearing the worst they break in to take shelter. But not only have they got the evil in the surrounding marsh to contend with but now they have another evil to contend with in the house which wants them dead as a well, leaving this group of friends stuck between a rock and a hard place.

I am going to say one thing in praise of Steve Wolsh and his horror movie "Muck"; I like the basic idea that this movie starts with a group of teenagers already in a bad way after having already encountered something evil in a marsh. Of course what this does is make this movie a sequel but without the first movie to set it up. And that is clever for the simple reason it allows Wolsh to go back and give us the initial horror as a prequel.

But the big question is; will anyone who has watched "Muck" want to invest any time in a prequel? Having spent 90 minutes of my valuable life watching "Muck" I will say that the only chance of me watching a prequel would be if I had run out of other movies to watch and review. Yes "Muck" is a seriously flawed horror movie which in the same manner as "Scream" tries to be smart by being horror movie aware but never really pulls it off. In fact what you get in "Muck" is uninteresting characters, lots of scenes of partially dressed and naked women, and then some blood spurting violence. Sadly whilst Steve Wolsh tries to give this some mystery and atmosphere, and there is some style to it, it never works to draw you in so in the end "Muck" one of those horror movies which never fully engages the audience in either the characters or what is going on.

What this all boils down to is that maybe if I was an 18 year old virgin I might get some sort of a kick out of "Muck" due to the nudity and possibly the violence. But for anyone else "Muck" offers up little in the form of entertainment, unless you still get a kick out of generic, forgettable characters delivering nudity and blood spurting violence.