Murder Among Friends (2001) DonnaMarie Recco, Greg Evigan, Jennie Raymond, Jeff Geddis Movie Review

Murder Among Friends (2001)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Murder Among Friends (2001)

Murder to Watch My Friends

Having not been in the country long, aspiring actress Isabella (DonnaMarie Recco) has become good friends with Mark Woodruff (Joel Keller - Cry Rape), the son of a millionaire businessman. But when Mark's father is murdered Mark is charged with killing him, something which Isabella doesn't believe and so sets out to help him. After quite literally bumping in to detective Steve (Greg Evigan - One of Her Own) she convinces him to help her get to the truth as to who killed Mark's father, a crime which may involve Mark's friends.

Crime comedies are for me a hit n miss affair with many missing the mark completely when it comes to delivering entertainment and sadly "Murder Among Friends" joins that list of misses. The thing is that when a crime comedy misses they quickly become groan worthy and then they start to get on your nerves surprisingly quickly. This is the case with "Murder Among Friends" because by roughly the 20 minute mark it is getting on your nerves due to the characters being over the top and annoying to the point this is another movie which becomes a challenge to stay watching.

So what specifically is wrong with "Murder Among Friends"? Well for starters it is the character of Isabella as for what ever reason DonnaMarie Recco plays her so loud and so out going that she gets on your nerves. Sadly Greg Evigan is almost as bad with him playing Steve as so laid back he is almost asleep the entire movie. But on top of that you have these two characters working together which makes ever scene where they are investigating people almost unbearable especially when these scenes are written to be intentionally stupid, or at least I hope it was intentional. And with everything played over the top the actual mystery, crime side of "Murder Among Friends" ends up unimportant and in the end just as stupid.

What this all boils down to is that "Murder Among Friends" was almost a murderous experience, an unfunny and annoying crime comedy which quickly got on my nerves and couldn't finish soon enough.