My Daughter Is Missing (2017) Miranda Raison, Emmett J Scanlan, Sophie Robertson, Jovana Stojiljkovic, Milan Cucilovic, Fedor Djordjevic, Arnaud Humbert, Ivona Kustudic, Srdjan Pantelic Movie Review

My Daughter Is Missing (2017)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Emmett J Scanlan and Miranda Raison in My Daughter Is Missing (2017)


There was a time that Sara (Miranda Raison - AfterDeath) was known for her skills as a hacker but these days she has turned things around and used those hacking skills to become a respected Internet security specialist. It is one of the reasons she is in Belgrade as she has been invited to give a talk at a conference on cyber crime, the other is that it gives her a chance to see her daughter, Karissa (Sophie Robertson), who is studying there with her friend, Laura (Jovana Stojiljkovic). But whilst there both Karissa and Laura end up being kidnapped by a human trafficking operation. With her skills in cyber crime and a friendship with Alek (Emmett J Scanlan), a local private detective, it is a race against time for Sara to save them.

Whilst Liam Neeson gave us "Taken" you could say that with "My Daughter Is Missing" Miranda Raison is giving us "Tech-en". Okay it is a bad use of words but this is basically another take on the "Taken" formula where a person with a specific set of skills uses them to do what ever it takes to save their child who has been kidnapped in a foreign country. To try and make "My Daughter Is Missing" more than just a hacker version of "Taken" it does try to add different layers such as due to Sarah's ex-husband betraying her with the hacking skills she taught him she now has trust issues. This makes things even more messy as a cop and a private detective each claim the other is not to be trusted. Whilst it fills out the movie as we watch Sara break in to places to hack in to computers or view surveillance footage it doesn't distract you from "My Daughter Is Missing" being similar to "Taken" but without the same level of excitement.

As for the acting well to be honest whilst Miranda Raison wasn't terrible, some of her responses just simply didn't ring true of a mother fearing for her daughter's life. It isn't just when it comes to Miranda Raison as Sara as the dialogue throughout "My Daughter Is Missing" is the sort which is falsely dramatic and as such everyone involved delivers the sort of performance which is ultimately forgettable.

What this all boils down to is that "My Daughter Is Missing" isn't a terrible movie but it is one which due to its familiarity always makes you compare it to other movies which use the same sort of storyline and do a better job with it.