My Dog the Champion (2013) Lance Henriksen, Dora Madison Burge, Cody Linley, Karlie Dahle, Jon Michael Davis, Shea Delaney, Jeff Fenter Movie Review

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Dora Madison Burge in My Dog the Champion (2013)

Teaching an Old Dog the Same Tricks

With her mother being sent overseas to Afghanistan and her grandmother going to Russia on missionary work, Madison (Dora Madison Burge) finds herself going to live with her grandpa Billy (Lance Henriksen - Lance Henriksen) on his cattle ranch for three months. As a city girl Madison does not suit life on a dusty ranch with the animals but finds herself bonding with her Grandpa's dog which is in need of some training. Bonding with the dog brings out a change in Madison who grows to enjoy life on the ranch and spending time with her Grandpa.

I have come to believe that there are certain stories which simply work and so every few years some studio decides its time to reuse a story and create a drama for a new generation. That brings me to "My Dog the Champion" a familiar story of a spoilt city girl full of attitude being a pain in her grandpa's butt. But as I mentioned in the synopsis she under goes a transformation thanks to a bond she has with a dog she sets about training and a friendship she makes.

Lance Henriksen in My Dog the Champion (2013)

Now there is nothing technically wrong with "My Dog the Champion" as it hits all the marks that these movies do and has the charm and warmth you would expect from this sort of family drama. But as I said, it is familiar and whilst it may work for someone who watches this never having seen one of the many similar movies out there it ends up predictable for anyone else although still sweet enough. It does over do the fact that Madison is modern with her ipad and her acronyms compared to her old fashioned Grandpa but the way they get on is entertaining.

Aside from that, well Dora Madison Burge is entertaining as Madison although because the whole being modern is ramped up she is far too annoying to start with. But of course there is Lance Henriksen who would not have been my first choice to play an old rancher but pulls it off quite nicely with a gentle sarcasm which makes you warm to him.

What this all boils down to is that "My Dog the Champion" is basically a new skin on old bones movie with its story of a teenage girl from the city growing to enjoy life on a ranch thanks to a dog. But it is fun and charming which is all it really needs to be to work.

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