My Gal Sunday (2014) Rachel Blanchard, Cameron Mathison, Steve Bacic, Jack Wagner Movie Review

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Rachel Blanchard, Jack Wagner and Cameron Mathison in My Gal Sunday (2014)

Parker to Parker

Henry Parker (Cameron Mathison - The Carpenter's Miracle) use to work at the White House where his friend, Danny (Jack Wagner - Nowhere to Land), worked as a Secret Service Agent and who introduced him to his beautiful daughter, Sandra "Sunday" (Rachel Blanchard - The Case for Christmas), a lawyer. It was love at first sight and a year later Henry and Sandra are celebrating their first year of not only being together but also working together to solve crimes. But when Parker's mum and Danny are kidnapped on their way to a major event the crime fighting duo believe the kidnappers got the wrong people and were really after them. Now they must find a connection to save Parker's mum and Danny even if it means putting their own lives on the line in the process.

Normally I can bear these Hallmark detective movies; I think I was recovering from major surgery when I first watched one, somehow enjoyed it and since then they trigger some sort of emotion in me which usually lets me enjoy them. But it has to be said that as the years have past my eagerness to watch these Hallmark detective TV movies has decreased and to be blunt the ones I have watched recently have started to feel a bit of a chore to watch. This is what I felt as I watched "My Gal Sunday" and I put it down to a crime solving opening scene around a dinner table which was excruciatingly cheesy as they revealed who the real killer was.

But the real problem with "My Gal Sunday" is that despite having this crime story which sees both Danny and Sunday thinking back to when they first met to try and find a common link to solve the kidnapping it is not a movie driven by the story. I say that because not once did I care enough about the crime or the people to pay a great deal attention to the details. In truth knowing this was a Hallmark movie I already expected it wouldn't be the most tightly plotted or realistic of movies which may be why I didn't care to follows the ins and outs of things closely.

What actually drives "My Gal Sunday" are the actors; it is how Rachel Blanchard and Cameron Mathison look and interact and they deliver the looks which perfectly fit with a Hallmark detective movie. They also interact in a cutesy crime busting way which if you want easy to watch, easy to follow and easy on the eye this is just right. But if you are not in the mood the cutesy quickly becomes cheesy.

What this all boils down to is that in truth "My Gal Sunday" is typical of a Hallmark crime solving movie which means it is lightweight and often cutesy. But it makes it a movie which demands that you are in the right mood to watch or else it becomes a painful experience by being too cheesy.