My Mother's Secret (2012) Nicole de Boer, Yannick Bisson, Barbara Niven, Michael Riley Movie Review

My Mother's Secret (2012)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Nicole de Boer and Yannick Bisson in My Mother's Secret (2012)

A Colson Cover Up

When high school teacher Lori Colson (Nicole de Boer - Metal Tornado) becomes pregnant it is happy news for her and her husband Dennis (Yannick Bisson - Too Late to Say Goodbye). But when she goes to talk to her mother about when she was pregnant with her Lori learns the truth, she was adopted. With the help of a private investigator Lori discovers that her birth mother is Evelyn Wells (Barbara Niven - Accused at 17), and with Dennis' help pays her a visit. But Evelyn is a frightened woman who isn't forthcoming with what happened all those years ago which led to her putting Lori up for adoption. Lori also learns that her father Garrett (Michael Riley - Willed to Kill) is doing time for the murder of Evelyn's father, some thing he claims he never did. With Evelyn refusing to open up as to what happened and many of the locals seeming hostile to Lori's poking around it seems that all is not as it seems when it comes to the murder.

The greatest compliment I can pay "My Mother's Secret" is that it is on a par with many a made for TV thriller. Now you can take that two ways as on one hand that may make you run for cover as you dislike TV movies with a passion. But you might also think great as you are a fan of the easy to watch nature of a made for TV thriller. In fact I will go as far to say that if you are a fan of TV movies "My Mother's Secret", despite having many of the usual issues, is more watch-able than most.

Barbara Niven in My Mother's Secret (2012)

Now why "My Mother's Secret" is more watch-able simply comes down to the mystery of the murder as it is clear from the minute we meet the timid Evelyn and her protective brother Jonas, as well as the intimidating locals, that things do not add up. Unfortunately whilst the mystery of what happened is strong the rest of the movie which sees Lori snooping, men talking in clandestine meetings and much more is pretty standard stuff and as such it is a case of that sense of character and stylistic familiarity. Basically even before "My Mother's Secret" really starts you know that Lori is likely to end up in danger from those wanting to keep what happened in the past a secret.

What this all boils down to is that "My Mother's Secret" is a nice little thriller, an afternoon TV movie for those who enjoy the easy to watch nature of a made for TV movie. And in truth, whilst it delivers little that you won't have watched before, it does a nice job of going through the various parts and delivering the mystery of what happened.