My Mother's Stalker (2019) Emmanuelle Vaugier, Clayton Chitty, Scarlet Redpath, Adam Ballantyne, Michael Timmermans, Aurelio DiNunzio, Kassianni Austin Movie Review

My Mother's Stalker (2019)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Emmanuelle Vaugier and Scarlet Redpath in My Mother's Stalker (2019)

Vaugier's Reunion Ruin

Since getting pregnant whist as high school, Bethany (Emmanuelle Vaugier - Killer Ending) has raised her daughter, Mel (Scarlet Redpath), become a realtor and has remained in the area. But with her high school reunion coming up several old faces have returned to the area for the event with some still holding old grudges such as Detective Palitsko (Diane Verhiel - Deadly Lessons) who had a thing for the father or Bethany's daughter back then. But when some old friends are killed and then someone attacks Bethany in her home it leads to Detective Palitsko investigating and making life difficult for her. Meanwhile Bethany finds herself becoming close to the handsome Paul (Clayton Chitty) who seems a little too full on when it comes to becoming part of her and her daughter's lives.

During the first half of "My Mother's Stalker" we witness a murder, an attack, the discovery of a dead body, the handsome Paul being too full on when it comes to being part of Bethany's life and then a guy in a baseball cap who not only seems to be stalking Bethany but is often around when the attacks and murders happen. And so what the movie wants us to wonder is whether the stalker dude is the bad guy or handsome Paul who seems to be trying way too hard to be a great guy. And even when we learn who the baseball stalker guy is the movie still, at least for a short while, makes us wonder whether Paul is the obsessed psycho he seems to be or maybe the stalker guy is just really clever.

Clayton Chitty in My Mother's Stalker (2019)

The trouble with "My Mother's Stalker" is to call the acting over dramatic is an understatement and it gets to the point that the over the top, over dramatic acting makes this borderline laughably poor. What it also means is that you are more likely to remember "My Mother's Stalker" for Clayton Chitty's smile rather than anything else as it seems like the character of Paul is incapable of saying a sentence without flashing a smile.

What this all boils down to is that "My Mother's Stalker" ends up a movie which might have actually been quite good if it wasn't so overly dramatic all the time. I didn't mention it but the musical score contributes to the movie's overly dramatic nature which frankly makes it hard work to stick with.