My Santa (2013) Movie Review

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Samaire Armstrong in My Santa (2013)

My Oh My

Ever since her husband walked out on her on Christmas Eve Jen Robbins (Samaire Armstrong - Just My Luc) has lost her Christmas spirit. But with Eric (Gabe O'Mara), her seven year old son, still believing in Santa she has to try and keep it going for his sake. What Jen would like is to meet a man who will become a father to Eric and hopes the handsome Sam (Ben Gavin - My Christmas Love), at the paper she works for, will be the man. But at the same time Jen starts to grow fond of Chris (Matthew Lawrence - Brothers of the Frontier), who has just arrived in town to be the mall Santa, who young Eric really believes is Santa jr. Maybe young Eric might not be that wrong as there is something a mysterious about Chris.

Wow that is all I can say about "My Santa" and that is wow not in a good or a bad way but wow how many Christmas movies cliches can they stuff in to one movie. Now I am a huge fan of Christmas movies and look forward to November and December when new ones start to appear on TV and as such I am use to seeing movies with similar stories but I don't think I have watched another Chrstmas movie which has managed to cram so many cliches in. Now before I list the cliches I will say that the knock on effect of making a movie which is little more than Christmas movie cliches is a corny experience which has more cheese than it does snow.

Matthew Lawrence in My Santa (2013)

Okay so as to those cliches, here we go and I had better say spoiler alert. We have a single mum who has lost the spirit of Christmas, a young child who not only believes in Santa but wants the must have gift for Christmas which costs a lot of money and is sold out. Then there is the handsome work colleague who seems perfect but wait there is also Chris the mall Santa who just happens to actually be the son of Santa who is looking for a Mrs Claus so that his father can retire and he can take over. I think that is it but there could be some more in there but that was more than enough for me and is why "My Santa" ends up cheesy, flicking between one cliche after another.

Besides giving me an overdose of cheese "My Santa" also made me feel old with Samaire Armstrong cast as a single mum to a seven year old boy as just seven years earlier she appeared in "It's a Boy Girl Thing" where she played a high school student. The thing is that Samaire has the cuteness which this sort of Christmas movie calls for as does Matthew Lawrence as Chris but their overflowing cuteness combined with the cliches just makes "My Santa" even more cheesy, maybe too cheesy.

What this all boils down to is that "My Santa" is full on Christmas from the cliches and cuteness to the sugary sweetness. And unfortunately it is too much even for someone who is a Christmas movie addict as it ends up becomes Christmas corny rather than Christmas cute.

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