My Wife's Relations (1922) starring Buster Keaton, Kate Price, Monte Collins, Wheezer Dell, Harry Madison, Joe Roberts, Tom Wilson directed by Buster Keaton Movie Review

My Wife's Relations (1922)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Buster Keaton as The Husband in My Wife's Relations (1922)

Buster & The Mrs

Having accidentally knocked down a postman whilst he was pulling candy in his shop, Buster is then mistaken as a vandal when the postman throws a rock at him and it smashes a window. Dragged to the judge by the larger than life Kat they both get mistaken for a Polish couple who had called up to arrange a quick marriage and so the Polish judge who speaks no English marries them with Kat taking the shocked Buster home to meet her father and 4 very large brothers.

Buster Keaton was a comedy genius, a master of delivering slapstick and visual gags, unfortunately "My Wife's Relations" is not the best movie to demonstrate that genius. But "My Wife's Relations" is a movie which at just over 22 minutes is not very long but also one which has fallen in to the public domain which means you can legally watch it for free online.

Now whilst the storyline to "My Wife's Relations" is enjoyable enough with some fun elements of mistaken identity where it is a let down is the slapstick. Other than a comedy chase scene at the end it doesn't have that many memorable visual gags although Buster Keaton certainly makes the most of a gag where he is pulling candy on a hook. And that is the thing about "My Wife's Relations", it is not a great example of Keaton's genius but the few moments of slapstick are still worth a watch.

What this all boils down to is that "My Wife's Relations" is worth watching especially as you can watch it legally for free online but other than one or two really funny moments of slapstick it is not the best example of Keaton's comedy genius.