Mystery Woman (2003) Kellie Martin, Constance Zimmer, Amy Locane, J.E. Freeman, William R. Moses Movie Review

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Kellie Martin in Mystery Woman (2003)

A Suicide in a Locked Room

Photographer Samantha Kinsey (Kellie Martin) is a lover of crime fiction and she is also owner of a book store having inherited an old one including the mysterious Philby (J.E. Freeman) who lives in the stores back room and helps out. Whilst at a party hosted by her old college professor Jack Stenning (Robert Wagner) they find him in his locked study, hanging dead with a rope around his neck. Refusing to accept that Jack would have taken his own life Samantha sets about trying to solve the crime but at the same time she finds herself being targeted as her house is burgled and her brakes tampered with.

Thank goodness for Kellie Martin is all that I can say because it is Martin's likeability which keeps you involved in "Mystery Woman" and it is down to Martin's likeability that following this movie they made more; losing some characters, introducing new ones and recasting others. Although having said that Martin like the rest of the cast really struggles to establish a memorable character in this pilot movie with Samantha Kinsey having nothing about her to make her stand out from the crowd.

But the character issue isn't the only problem with "Mystery Woman" as the whole mystery surrounding a suicide in a locked room and then the attempts on Samantha's life are far too ordinary. It along with director Walter Klenhard's methodical pacing combine to make "Mystery Woman" a movie which plays out in front of your eyes but does little to draw you in to the mystery. It's not that it is a bad movie but an ordinary one and one which to be honest ends up a little dull.

What this all boils down to is that "Mystery Woman" just doesn't have the impact that it needs to really draw you into the un folding mystery. It is almost a case that the movie plays out in front of your eyes and it is over before you have really taken any of it in because there is nothing you won't have seen before.

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