Nancy Drew (2007) starring Emma Roberts, Max Thieriot, Tate Donovan, Josh Flitter, Rachel Leigh Cook, Barry Bostwick, Laura Elena Harring directed by Andrew Fleming Movie Review

Nancy Drew (2007)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Emma Roberts in Nancy Drew (2007)

Nancy Drew a Clue

With her father having to head to Los Angeles, Nancy (Emma Roberts - Aquamarine) goes with him where they move into an old mansion once owned by Hollywood star Dehlia Draycott (Laura Elena Harring). Having promised her father she would stop her sleuthing she becomes intrigued by a mystery surrounding the old mansion as Draycott died a quarter of a century earlier and believes that there may be a love child who should have inherited her home and fortune. With the help of some locals she starts to search for Jane Brighton (Rachel Leigh Cook) who she believes is entitled to the fortune, except it appears that there are those who want to keep the truth buried.

I have never read a single Nancy Drew novel or have seen any of the other TV or big screen adaptations of these novels. But then again that is not really a surprise as not only have I never been a huge book reader but I have never been a young girl who these stories were aimed at. Despite that I found myself watching "Nancy Drew" starring Emma Roberts and whilst it is clear I am not in the movies target audience it isn't half bad.

Marshall Bell in Nancy Drew (2007)

Let's put it this way if I was a parent to a 9 year old girl I would be more than happy to let them watch "Nancy Drew". It is simple, inoffensive entertainment which in fact is quite wholesome thanks to the character of Nancy being a self assured character who dresses sensibly, doesn't do bad things and is generally rather pleasant. As an adult that does sum up to bordering on the cheesy and that is the movies one major let down because it doesn't offer much for grown ups especially those who have never read one of the Nancy Drew mysteries.

As for the actual storyline well it is simple stuff and it doesn't take a genius to work things out very quickly, well after we get a series of scenes focussing on Nancy struggling to fit in to the new school. But it is just enough to entertain young children and "Nancy Drew" bubbles along with just the right mix of action and humour so that it is energetic enough to keep young audiences entertained without just descending in to chaos.

In truth the best thing about "Nancy Drew" is Emma Roberts who comes across as likeable and self assured which makes her easy to warm to. There are good performances else where with an array of supporting characters but "Nancy Drew" sits on Emma Roberts young shoulders and she carries it off.

What this all boils down to is that for me "Nancy Drew" didn't really do it but then that was expected as I am not in its target audience. But as a bit of innocent entertainment for some young girls I am sure it is a lot more successful.