Nanny Cam (2014) (aka: Sitter Cam) India Eisley, Laura Allen, Cam Gigandet, Farrah Mackenzi Movie Review

Nanny Cam (2014)   2/52/52/52/52/5

India Eisley in Nanny Cam (2014)

Another Nightmare Nanny

When the regular baby sitter has a moment of absent mindedness, which leads to their daughter, Chloe (Farrah Mackenzie), suffering a burn from a pan of boiling water, it forces Linda (Laura Allen) and Mark Kessler (Cam Gigandet - Trespass) to look for a new baby-sitter as both are busy with their jobs. It is whilst at his job, renovating a house, that Mark meets Heather (India Eisley - My Sweet Audrina) who says she has experience looking after children and is in need of a job. Whilst Mark is all for hiring her Chloe has some trust issues and decides to install a surveillance system in their home so she can monitor what goes on whilst at work.

I think I need to come up with some sort of standard text to use at the start of reviews where a movie seems to be nothing more than just another reworking of a familiar formula because often these are made for an audience who might find previous versions a little dated. This is the case when it comes to "Nanny Cam", which is also known as "Sitter Cam", as it is yet another movie which features a young woman working as a baby sitter/ nanny who seems nice as pie but is incredibly twisted and evil behind the backs of the people she works for. And of course this evil nanny tries to come between the couple having realised there is tension in the marriage. As such whilst "Nanny Cam" uses the addition of a mother using hidden surveillance equipment to discover what is going on when she isn't there, the way this plays out from Heather flirting with Mark to Linda firing her only for her to end up even more psychotic and dangerous is pretty routine.

The thing is that going back to my point about "Nanny Cam" being made for maybe a new audience then I would say that the look of the cast and the acting is just about okay. You have Laura Allen playing Linda as a bit frosty whilst Cam Gagandet makes Mark very laid back and India Eisley certainly gives Heather an unsettling quality. Although having watched a lot of similar movies I have to say in comparison the acting in this is less than subtle, especially when it came to Carol Herman as Mrs. Highsmith with her absent mindedness over played.

What this all boils down to is that "Nanny Cam" is just another take on the psycho baby sitter storyline which tries to update the familiar storyline by adding some hidden cameras in to the mix but pretty much sticks to the path previous, similar movies have taken.