Night Time in Nevada (1948) Roy Rogers, Adele Mara, Trigger, Andy Devine, Grant Withers Movie Review

Night Time in Nevada (1948)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Roy Rogers in Night Time in Nevada (1948)

Night & Day No Difference

16 years ago Ran Farrell (Grant Withers) murdered his mining partner in the hope of striking it rich and keeping it all for himself. He didn't strike it rich and now has to deal with his old partner's daughter, Joan (Adele Mara), arriving in town to lay claim to the trust fund her father had set up for her. But Farrell is still a thief and a liar and after rustling cattle belonging to Roy (Roy Rogers) that are being transported by train then sets out to get Joan's money. But things take a curious turn when Farrell and his men attack the cattle train and find Roy on there.

I think I may be coming to my temporary end with these old one hour westerns as I am running out of things to say about them with out sounding like a broken record. Then again the majority of these old westerns were like a broken record anyway so maybe I shouldn't feel bad feeling that way. So that brings me to "Night Time in Nevada" an enjoyable Roy Rogers western with some twists and a more familiar cast than in some westerns but for me is still an incredibly typical Roy Rogers western.

What makes "Night Time in Nevada" a little bit more interesting, at least for some, is the opening has an almost noir quality about it as we have Farrell telling his lawyer friend about how he murdered is partner in the mining business. In truth through out the length of the movie it has touches of noir thriller going on, something which I would hope appeals to fans of film noir but doesn't do a huge amount for me.

What this all boils down to is that whilst for me "Night Time in Nevada" is just another entertaining Roy Rogers movie I can appreciate how those who enjoy film noir might find it more entertaining.