No Bad Days (2008) starring Keith David, Declan Joyce, Dionne Lea, Daniel Ledesma, Michael Madsen, Moksha McPherrin, Daniel Edward Mora directed by David Murphy Movie Review

No Bad Days (2008)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Protasio in No Bad Days (2008) (aka: Lost Treasure of the Maya)

Just a Bad Movie

Many years ago some poor cinematography captured a man running through the jungle chased by a brightly painted tribe of men who are after him because of an item he stole. That item is a mystical Mayan artefact which he hid in an underwater cave somewhere in the Yucatan Peninsula and is now much sought after which is why hollering bad guy Lester (Michael Madsen) is after it. But Lester is not the only one and after a group of archaeologists go missing one of the groups relatives organizes a search party.

Many years ago when I was barely a teen I saw my first Indiana Jones movie, since then I have always had a fondness for archaeology adventure movies. It is purely out of that fondness that I had to try and watch "No Bad Days" which is also known as "Lost Treasure of the Maya" despite having a feeling this movie was going to be bad. And yes "No Bad Days" is bad and you get a sense that the various recognizable star names such as Keith David and Michael Madsen only did it because the few scenes they appear in made it easy money.

Anyway after that shaky opening which takes us back a few hundred years we get an even shakier scene as we are introduced to Nicolas a private eye/ beach bum who chats up women. It's shaky because the dialogue and characters we meet in these scenes are poor which combined with the amateurish camera work make it a joke, not funny although I am sure was the intention, jut bad. Anyway eventually what we get is Nicolas and the sister of a missing archaeologist on an adventure to try and find her sister, yes sounds like a bit of a play on "Romancing the Stone" crossed with "The Mummy".

Now in fairness whilst everything which goes on in "No Bad Days" is poor and somewhat familiar the basic idea could have been a reasonable adventure movie. The trouble is that everything about it is so low budget that any chance it had of being entertaining is lost in low budget mediocrity. It makes you wonder how actors such as Michael Madsen, Keith David and Richard Tyson ended up in such a low budget production to start with as even if it was easy money it couldn't do their careers any good.

What this all boils down to is that "No Bad Days" is just a bad movie and whilst amusing in a bad way is hard work from start to finish because of its low budget look, poor camera work, poor dialogue, poor acting and poor just about everything else.