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Josh Hopkins and Tiffani Thiessen in Northpole (2014)

The Christmas Cycle of Happiness

Over the years, much to the delight of Santa (Robert Wagner - Mystery Woman) and Mrs. Claus (Jill St. John), the Northpole has grown with it thriving on the holiday happiness around the World. The trouble is that the Northpole is now in danger as people have become too busy with their own lives to stop and share some festive happiness with each other. Once such person is single mum Chelsea (Tiffani Thiessen - The Stranger Beside Me) who when she is not looking after her son Kevin (Max Charles) is busy trying to get a promotion at work. It is Kevin who ends up being befriended by Clementine (Bailee Madison - Holiday Joy), an elf who knowing that things are serious at the Northpole takes it upon herself to try and save the day. With Kevin's help Clementine sets about bringing some festive charm to their lives as well as those in the town where they live, which is likely to involve Kevin's handsome teacher Ryan (Josh Hopkins - 12 Men of Christmas).

If I could be bothered I could probably spend half an hour writing down all the cliches I have come across from my love of Christmas movies. It would be a list which I might only have to add one item to a year there after as whilst each year I look out for new Christmas movies to watch the majority of them feature the same cliches which others do. That brings me to "Northpole", a Hallmark Christmas movie from 2014 which admittedly is entertaining for a Christmas movie sucker like me but is filled with cliches and familiarity.

The cliches in "Northpole" include the "cycle of happiness" a fancy name for saying that the Northpole is powered by happiness at Christmas except of course things are changing and with people too busy to really Christmas the Northpole is in danger. The next cliche features the elf that heads in to the real world and of course gets in to a bit of mischief. On top of that we have the cliche of the single mum and the handsome friend/colleague/teacher. And I could go on because there are more cliches in there which for some will make "Northpole" annoyingly unoriginal and cheesy whilst for others it will be the easy going Hallmark festive fun that they enjoy.

For those looking for simple festive fun the cast will also work with Tiffani Thiessen as attractive as ever whilst Josh Hopkins is also handsome. Sounds shallow to just mention their looks but "Northpole" is all about the appeal which is why you also have husband and wife Robert Wagner and Jill St. John as Santa and Mrs. Claus. Yes, I wouldn't have had either as top of my list for the roles but they kind of add something to the movie in what are small parts. Plus there is Max Charles and Bailee Madison who are fun for young children as the children or at least child and elf.

What this all boils down to is that "Northpole" isn't overly original and in truth is ultimately forgettable. But for those who enjoy the easy going fun of Hallmark Christmas movies this will be an enjoyable distraction with an appealing cast.

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