Northpole: Open for Christmas (2015) Movie Review

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Dermot Mulroney and Lori Loughlin in Northpole: Open for Christmas (2015)

Santa's Hotel

Out of the blue Mackenzie Reed (Lori Loughlin - Every Christmas Has a Story) finds herself inheriting her late aunt's hotel, and whilst the rundown place is being done up by resident handyman Jack (Dermot Mulroney - The Christmas Train) she plans to sell it before Christmas to Jack's brother who plans to demolish the place. But there is something about hotel, as well as the charming Jack, a single dad who loves the place as does his daughter, which makes Mackenzie decide to try and save the place. Fortunately Mackenzie is going to have a little help as what she doesn't know is that the hotel is one of Santa's power stations and must be preserved rather than sold to someone who will tear it down, which is why Santa is sending Clementine (Bailee Madison - Northpole) to not only help in fixing the place up but to work some Northpole magic on Mackenzie.

Hand me the insulin as I have been over doing the Hallmark Christmas movies and I am suffering from a Hallmark Hyper. Or that is how it feels right now having watched "Northpole: Open for Christmas", another extremely typical offering from the hallmark channel, which I am sure would have nudged me in to the spirit of the season if I hadn't already been nudged there by other Christmas movies. And so instead "Northpole: Open for Christmas" was pushing me the other way, in to the feeling of I have had enough Christmas cheer for this year.

Bailee Madison in Northpole: Open for Christmas (2015)

Okay enough of that and what we have in "Northpole: Open for Christmas" is someone who doesn't do Christmas anymore and is all about the work falling in love with not only Christmas but finding love with the laid back handyman, his kid as well as small town life. But on top of that we have some Santa fun with an elf sent in to the real World to try and solve a problem. None of it is new and "Northpole: Open for Christmas" of course lacks anything close to a surprise but even though I had over done my Hallmark Christmas movie limit when I watched this I can see how for many it would be very enjoyable.

Of course much of this is down to the characters and when you have the wholesome and attractive in anything Lori Loughlin paired up with Dermot Mulroney you are talking about a movie which is really easy on the eye. And you can add to that Bailee Madison who if she doesn't jump the gap in to being a big screen star, most likely in romantic comedies, could easily be a future Lori Loughlin of the TV movie world.

What this all boils down to is that "Northpole: Open for Christmas" is a typical Hallmark Christmas movie with plenty of light entertainment and nice looking people. What that means is that like all Hallmark Christmas movies it can become too sickly if you have already watched a few Hallmark Christmas movies.

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