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Kyle Idleman in Not a Fan (2010)

What Does it Mean?

During the day Eric Nelson (Ryan King) is a career focused businessman who is ruthless in his desire for success, by night he is a hard drinker who gets in to trouble with his buddy. And at the weekends he is respectable Eric who goes to church because it is what his wife wants. But when Eric suffers a health scare which leads to him embarking on a spiritual journey as he devotes his life to Jesus Christ leading to major changes which will test not just him but also those closest to him.

So the version of "Not a Fan" I watched ran for around 90 minutes and I believe it is an edited version of a six part TV series. And it ended in such away which makes me wonder whether there is a follow on movie. Not that it needs a follow on movie as "Not a Fan" is highly effective as it is as it is very much a two in one movie. On one side we have Eric Nelson's story as he goes from being self centred to living his life for Jesus, answering a calling to serve others and to do so he gives up his worldly desires. And we see how this affects and challenges others in his family as his road to Damascus conversion is a huge shock when first he wants to sell the house and move to somewhere smaller, sell and give away the things he no longer needs and is willing to quit his job to help at a canteen for the needy.

But as I said "Not a Fan" is a two for one experience and alongside the story of Eric we have Kyle Idleman who leads us through Eric's life almost as an observer and poses thought provoking questions to the audience as to whether they are just a Fan of Jesus or a real Follower willing to leave behind their old life and old earthly desires to go where called. And this is where as a Christian this movie is full of power as it really makes you consider how you are living your life as a Christian and whether when we say yes to Jesus we are really only saying yes on our terms, as a fan rather than a follower.

As to how "Not a Fan" plays out, well it is pretty obvious but what I will say is that we get to see that how a life lived for Jesus can have a huge impact on many people.

What this all boils down to is that "Not a Fan" is an impressive movie thanks to Kyle Idleman leading us through the story and posing the questions which challenge are own faith and commitment to following Jesus.