Not with His Wife (2016) (aka: Undercover Wife) Jewel Staite, Ryan Robbins, Martin Cummins, Leah Gibson, John Cassini, Lucia Walters, Matty Finochio, Jesse Moss, Iris Quinn, Kimani Ray Smith, Lance Gibson Movie Review

Not with His Wife (2016)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jewel Staite in Not with His Wife (2016) (aka: Undercover Wife)

The Accountant

Whilst Monica Bolland (Jewel Staite - 40 Below and Falling) is very good at her job as a forensic accountant for the government, targeting white-collar criminals, she has to make personal sacrifices as her husband, Josh (Jesse Moss - A Gift of Miracles), is an undercover FBI agent, which means they only get to see each other in shady motel rooms. But when Josh is killed, during an undercover operation, Monica goes undercover herself to work for a criminal organization as an accountant in order to trap his killer. But what she discovers about her husband and why he was killed leaves her shocked and terrified.

Forget realism and focus on drama and when you do "Not with His Wife", which is also known as "Undercover Wife", is not a completely terrible movie. We have the death of an FBI agent, his wife finding help in one of his colleagues but then someone from internal affairs questioning not only whether her husband was corrupt but whether she is as well. Throw in the fact that we have Monica not only turning fugitive but going undercover to get to the truth and "Not with His Wife" is one of those movies which constantly trades on the next moment of drama; the confrontation in a corridor, the pat down to see if Monica is wearing a wire and so on with each having that touch of danger.

And it is a good job that "Not with His Wife" has plenty of dramatic scenes as when you look beyond them there are many issues. One of which is Jewel Staite as she is not convincing as the accountant who is tough enough to go undercover, there is something just a little too quirky about her. It is the same elsewhere as we have a movie where every character has issues and scenes do not ring true especially when Monica meets her FBI contact in broad daylight in a very open space, a beautiful space but not a good place to be spotted. On the subject of which, Jewel Staite has amazing red hair which the director clearly likes to focus on.

What this all boils down to is that "Not with His Wife" is a movie with plenty of drama, in fact it trades on one moment of drama or revelation after another. The trouble is that it isn't overly authentic and as such frequently has scenes which cause you to groan.