NYC: Tornado Terror (2008) Nicole de Boer, Sebastian Spence, Jerry Wasserman, Winston Rekert, Colby Johannson, Tegan Moss, Jill Morrison Movie Review

NYC: Tornado Terror (2008)   2/52/52/52/52/5

NYC: Tornado Terror (2008)

De Boer's Tornado Bore

When mini tornadoes start appearing all over New York, Deputy Mayor Jim Lawrence (Sebastian Spence - The Obsession) and his climatologist wife, Cassie (Nicole de Boer - Cube), find themselves on a cusp of a major disaster as the signals are there for a destructive storm of biblical proportions. But with the Mayor more concerned about his reputation than the safety of the people plus Cassie's niece going missing this husband and wife team must fight to save New York.

So I suppose if I looking for one positive there is the fact that whilst "NYC: Tornado Terror" is another movie to use tornadoes as the source of a disaster it is not just a copy of "Twister". Instead we have this storyline which sees New York come under threat from an unexpected storm which is building in intensity till it is ready to wreak destruction on a biblical scale. This of course is simply text book stuff because we have the good guys, a deputy mayor and his climatologist wife, trying to find a way to protect the city, the wife's niece who finds herself in danger plus a mayor who is more concerned over his political campaign than doing the right thing. It's a series of characters, issues and dramas which can be seen in numerous TV disaster movies and to be frank is boring.

Nicole de Boer and Sebastian Spence in NYC: Tornado Terror (2008)

As for the actual tornadoes well initially the threat is a little imaginative as we have a series of mini twisters, almost cute little twisters, but they combine to cause devastation. But the trouble with this is that we get a mumbo jumbo explanation as to how these freak weather conditions occur with a split in the atmosphere being the cause. And then we get an equally mumbo jumbo plan to destroy the vortex which is creating these tornadoes before it unleashes the big one. I have no idea if there is any scientific fact to what is said, be it the explanation or the plan to fire rockets into the vortex to dissipate it but it sounds utter mumbo jumbo and a little too out there seeing that on some of the art work for "NYC: Tornado Terror" says it is "Inspired by True Events".

What this all boils down to is that "NYC: Tornado Terror" is not a good TV disaster movie, in fact it is not even an average one with a cliche ridden story and equally cliche characters being part of a whole list of issues. The only good thing about it is the special effects which whilst not brilliant are superior to everything else.