Omega Doom (1996) starring Rutger Hauer, Shannon Whirry, Norbert Weisser, Tina Cote, Anna Katarina directed by Albert Pyun Movie Review

Omega Doom (1996)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Rutger Hauer in Omega Doom (1996)

Doom & Gloom

When the robots raised up against the man it left the few human survivors to go in to hiding to start again whilst the robots fearing than man might rise up seek a mythical store of weapons. One robot, Omega Doom (Rutger Hauer) was damaged during battle, its circuits shorting out giving him a different set of orders to follow, a hidden agenda. When he walks into a city destroyed by the war he starts playing off the various robot factions against each other.

I will guarantee that before the first 10 minutes are up you will be laughing because you will have witnessed actors doing the robot and for those who know their football will be thinking where is Peter Crouch when you need him. It is a hysterical scene as Hauer, I mean Omega Doom, walks into a post apocalypse town and comes across droids and we see actors trying to replicate that automated movement of a robot, some with masks, others with weird bits of hair shaved off and also a talking head with no body which in itself will make you laugh for being as tacky as the robot acting.

Anyway I suppose I should really talk about "Omega Doom" the movie rather than the hilarity of it all despite them being a joint package. What we have is an attempt at a post apocalyptical spaghetti western with the mysterious Doom entering a town and playing the opposing robot factions against each other. Now if Hauer starred in a western doing this it would be okay but in a futuristic movie? Well it borders on the terrible and kind of entertaining for being so. In fact "Omega Doom" is boring, it is not worth following but it will amuse for the wrong reasons.

Other than the unintentional hilarity, or maybe it was intended, the only other good thing is that "Omega Doom" came when Hauer was still delivering action, you know the sort of thing, where he would walk around with a huge sword strapped to his back and dispensing justice although in this case with a different sort of weapon. But even the entertaining Hauer cannot save the tackiness which surrounds him in every other direction and I am surprised he hasn't got a bulge in the side of his mouth from where his tongue must have been permanently lodged whilst making this.

What this all boils down to is that as intended "Omega Doom" doesn't work and is a painful experience but then it still entertains for being so enjoyably bad.