One Against One... No Mercy (1968) Peter Lee Lawrence, Guglielmo Spoletini, Dyanik Zurakowska, Eduardo Fajardo Movie Review

One Against One... No Mercy (1968)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Peter Lee Lawrence and Guglielmo Spoletini in One Against One... No Mercy (1968)

Tracking Down the Noodles

During the Civil War the Greyson family name became tarnished when Colonel Greyson was accused of stealing half a million dollars he was delivering to a Confederate base. The truth is that Greyson was robbed and betrayed by the four officers who were riding with him and now Greyson's son Bill (Peter Lee Lawrence) has to deal with where ever he goes he finds trouble when people discover who he is. That is until he meets Mexican gang leader El Charro (Guglielmo Spoletini) who not only knows the truth but is willing to help Bill track down the now wealthy and respectable officers so that Bill can get revenge. But are El Charro's plans as honest as they first appear seeing that there is a small fortune involved.

As spaghetti westerns go "One Against One... No Mercy", which amongst its many other names is known as "One by One", is actually not a bad movie. I say that because between cinematographer Emilio Foriscot and editor Antonio Gimeno they have managed to give this movie a sense of style and make it flow surprisingly well especially during the action scenes. Yes it doesn't have the finesse and style of the classic spaghetti westerns but having watched many which struggle to look like a finished product this one is not that bad.

And in truth because of those behind the movie putting in some effort some of the usual flaws, such as the dubbing and poorly staged fights never raise their ugly heads. In fact whilst some of the actors still over act their way through the movie the actual acting is not that bad. Yes you could say that both Charro and Bill are not overly memorable but that is less to do with the acting and more to do with the writing of these characters which is at best over reliant on cliches.

That is the thing about "One Against One... No Mercy" and the thing which lets the movie down as whilst we have this storyline of revenge and trust issues it is not overly memorable. Beyond a couple of well worked out scenes there is little in this spaghetti western you are going to remember a week after watching and certainly nothing when it comes to the overall storyline which will make you think you need to watch it again.

What this all boils down to is that "One Against One... No Mercy" has its moments and is certainly not the tacky spaghetti western I had been expecting. Yet at the same time this hasn't got anything about it which will make you feel like you need to watch it any more than the once.