One More Train to Rob (1971) George Peppard, Diana Muldaur, John Vernon, France Nuyen, Steve Sandor Movie Review

One More Train to Rob (1971)   3/53/53/53/53/5

George Peppard in One More Train to Rob (1971)

Peppard's Fleet of Foot

Harker Fleet (George Peppard) is a cunning man who has come up with a fool proof plan to rob the train with the aid of Timothy Xavier Nolan (John Vernon) and Katy (Diana Muldaur). Unfortunately for Harker he didn't count on the back stabbing nature of Timothy and Katy with him ending up in prison for a series of other crimes after being cornered by a woman claiming to be with child, his child. After serving his time and getting out early on good behaviour Fleet sets about tracking down Katy and Nolan, who now live in the lap of luxury, to get back what is sort of rightfully his. But he finds himself involved with a small group of Chinese men and women who find themselves having to deal with Nolan trying to rob them off their gold.

There would have been a time, back in the 80s when if I had seen "One More Train to Rob" I would have watched it but only because it starred George Peppard, yes I was a fan of "The A-Team". That was a long time ago and whilst George Peppard is still a good reason to watch I am now more drawn to it because "One More Train to Rob" was directed by Andrew V. McLaglen which means action, comedy, brawls, comedy and larger than life characters. And "One More Train to Rob" delivers all of this in abundance with plenty of punches thrown and even more funny lines thrown.

Diana Muldaur in One More Train to Rob (1971)

But beyond the fact that "One More Train to Rob" is dripping in McLaglen's trademark style it also has an entertaining storyline which sees the less that trustworthy womanizer, Harker Fleet, being double crossed and then seeming to work with those who double crossed him in a bad deal to try and get back the money he stole. In truth it isn't anything new and has this whole good guy bad guys things going on with a lot of double crosses and twists but if you are a fan of older comedy westerns then this delivers the fun you will expect.

Of course there is George Peppard as are loveable rogue Harker Fleet and he certainly looks like he is having fun delivering the humour and action. But for me it is John Vernon who steals the show with a larger than life Irish accent which is larger than the one which director Andrew V. McLaglen's father Victor McLaglen would deliver in some of his John Ford movies. Plus there is Diana Muldaur who brings a touch of the Maureen O'Hara to the role of Katy with a comical feistiness.

What this all boils down to is that if you have ever watched and enjoyed one of Andrew V. McLaglen's comedy westerns then you are probably going to enjoy "One More Train to Rob" especially with the different cast to some of his other comedy westerns.