One Starry Christmas (2014) starring Sarah Carter, Kathleen Laskey, Neil Crone, Daniel Karasik, George Canyon, Paul Popowich, Damon Runyan directed by John Bradshaw Movie Review

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Sarah Carter in One Starry Christmas (2014)

Rivalry is in the Stars

Doctor of astronomy and Christmas lover Holly (Sarah Carter) is less than impressed that her boyfriend Adam (Paul Popowich) has arranged a business trip back home to New York over Christmas even if he has hinted that he is thinking of popping the question. With her dissertation to complete and a fear of flying it looks like it will be a Christmas alone in Chicago until Holly spots an offer for a bus journey home and decides to surprise Adam and her family by booking her ticket. But the journey home is full of surprises as she meets handsome rodeo rider Luke (Damon Runyan) whose old fashioned charm and respect impresses Holly. Feeling it is only the right thing to do she invites Luke along with his brother Bull (George Canyon) to spend Christmas with her, her parents and of course Adam who immediately feels threatened by Luke who has fallen for Holly. Of course at the end of the day it is Holly who is going to have to choose between romance and security.

I remember as a child waking up on Christmas day eager to see what Santa had brought me and whether he had got the really important present I put on the list and I remember that feeling of deflation when it wasn't the right gift. It is that feeling which I got as I sat down to watch "One Starry Christmas" as I adore Christmas movies and watch each one with the hope that it will deliver the magic I long for but found myself quickly feeling deflated by what was unfolding before my eyes.

Damon Runyan in One Starry Christmas (2014)

Now some might think my deflation starts with the predictable nature of the story but in truth when you love Christmas movies predictable cannot be an issue. So the fact that "One Starry Christmas" recycles that classic storyline about one woman, two very different guys, competitive rivalry and jealousy isn't an issue because combine that with plenty of Christmas lights, snow and in this case New York which the writers want us to think is the Christmas capital of the World it works. Yes it doesn't give you many surprises and has its feet firmly planted in a sea of sugar but it is what you expect.

Nope what caused me to quickly become deflated was the needless forcing of stereotypes with an early scene of Holly being over the top when she thinks Adam is thinking about proposing. It was far too bubbly for my liking but then Luke with his Texan politeness and respect was also too over the top especially when he ladles the charm on thick. It is a shame as the set up is good and so are the actors but it is a case that less would have certainly be more and a lot less cheesy.

What this all boils down to is that "One Starry Christmas" is a fun Christmas romantic comedy which whilst predictable still entertains. But it suffers from forcing the character types to the point the niceness of Holly and the Texan charm of Luke borders on the annoying.

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