One Way Ticket (1997) Peter Phelps, Rachel Blakely, Chris Haywood, Jane Hall, Joseph Spano Movie Review

One Way Ticket (1997)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Peter Phelps in One Way Ticket (1997)

Love on the Run

Murderer Mick Webb (Peter Phelps) is facing a long time inside for his crimes but he has a plan to seduce a female guard and then persuade her to help him escape by making copies of the keys. When the first guard he seduces refuses to help he turns his attention to Deborah Carter (Rachel Blakely) who finds herself falling for the fun but dangerous Mick despite the fact she is married. Despite refusing to help Mick escape things change when their relationship becomes common knowledge and she not only loses her job but ends up kicked out by her husband.

"One Way Ticket" didn't look like it was going to be that special, an Australian TV movie based on the true story of a real prison escape sounded pretty average. But let me say that "One Way Ticket" ends up this surprisingly engaging love story, yes a love story which whilst maybe not completely accurate to the true story ends up getting you hooked for its duration.

Rachel Blakely in One Way Ticket (1997)

Now "One Way Ticket" isn't a complicated movie to follow as on one hand we have Mick Webb who seduces Deborah whilst inside with a plan of just using her to escape with his friend. And on the other we have the attractive Deborah who is unhappy in her marriage and ends up enjoying the danger of having an affair with Mick, using him to brighten up her dull life. But you can see with both characters that they are in fact falling in love and it is strangely sweet to watch these two together especially as Deborah seems to bring out a tender side in Mick.

Now I don't know anything about the true story or the people involved but I reckon the casting of Peter Phelps and Rachel Blakely was more a decision based on appeal rather than accuracy. And to be honest with "One Way Ticket" coming across as a bit of a love story both Phelps and Blakely deliver that appeal. But the downside of this neither Phelps nor Blakely really convince as a prisoner and a prison guard.

What this all boils down to is that "One Way Ticket" ends up a surprise of a movie as whilst it tells the story of a prison escape it is also the love story of a prisoner and the prison guard who helped him escape.