Operation Cross Eagles (1968) Richard Conte, Rory Calhoun, Aili King, Rada Djuricin Movie Review

Operation Cross Eagles (1968)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Operation Cross Eagles (1968)

Failed Operation

When an Army courier is taken prisoner it is of up most important that he is rescued as he has in his possession the details of an imminent Allied invasion of the Balkans. It is why Lieutenant Bradford (Richard Conte) and his small team of men land on the beach on a mission to rescue the courier. Unfortunately there is a dirty double crossing agent who gets word to the Germans of Bradford and his men which puts them in greater danger than they first anticipated whilst still having a mission to complete.

This is going to be one of my shorter movie reviews because I can't bring myself to waste much energy on trying to make "Operation Cross Eagles" sound any better than it is which isn't very good. The first thing which will strike you about "Operation Cross Eagles" is that visually it is poor quality having clearly been made with inferior equipment and film which means scenes in the dark are barely decipherable. That in itself is not actually a bad thing as the action in this war movie is weak and unconvincing, oh and uninteresting to boot.

Uninteresting is also the issue there is with the storyline which seems to have been put together use ideas already done from other movies from the important American who needs rescuing to tension between the soldiers and the allies. It makes "Operation Cross Eagles" mundane for those who watch having already watched many a war movie. Unfortunately mundane is also the best way to describe the acting from all those involved including stars Richard Conte and Rory Calhoun who both look way too old for this sort of war movie.

What this all boils down is that "Operation Cross Eagles" is a weak war movie from the late 60s which suffers in all areas be it the acting through to the direction and sadly for fans of war movies who are likely to watch this they are likely to be left under whelmed by it.