Our Wild Hearts (2013) starring Cambrie Schroder, Ricky Schroder, Martin Kove, Cliff Potts, Holden Schroder, Luke Schroder directed by Ricky Schroder Movie Review

Our Wild Hearts (2013)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Ricky Schroder in Our Wild Hearts (2013)

A Schroder Family Movie

Whilst 15 year-old Willow (Cambrie Schroder) listens to her friend moan about her interfering fathers all she wants is to know who her father is having been raised by her single mum in Malibu. When she discovers a box containing a picture of a cowboy hidden in her mum's room she confronts her to learn that his name is Jack (Ricky Schroder) and he is her father. Willow decides to go and meet her father who is surprised to discover he has a daughter and he knew nothing about her. But on top of finding himself with a daughter Jack has other issues as neighbouring rancher Griss (Martin Kove) is looking to get his hand on Jack and his friend Top's (Cliff Potts) ranch with everything coming down to who captures a wild stallion called Bravo. But whilst Jack and Griss both want to capture Bravo Willow believes the horse should run free.

A Schroder family movie, that could be an alternative title for "Our Wild Hearts" as it was written by Ricky Schroder and his wife Andrea, Ricky also directs as well as acts in it and 3 of his 4 children definitely have parts in the movie. But do you know what Ricky Schroder and his family have not done a bad job as he has delivered an entertaining family drama with a solid message, some charm and a general vibe which makes it watchable for those looking for something to watch with their children. I also mean watchable in the sense that this is a TV movie with performances which you expect from a TV movie and a focus on easy to watch rather than the gritty realism you might find from a big budget movie as is highlighted when Willow shows up on Jack's doorstep and he takes everything in his stride in a frankly unbelievable manner.

Cambrie Schroder in Our Wild Hearts (2013)

But having said all that "Our Wild Hearts" feels like a movie written from TV movie cliches. We have a variation on the estranged father storyline with Willow going to stay with Jack the father she has never met, we have the city girl not taking to the outdoor way of life, the bonding with an animal which leads to issues between father and daughter, plus for good measure we have trouble with a neighbouring ranch. It is all incredibly cliche and some of it is incredibly corny such as when Willow doesn't know how to use an old fashioned rotary dial phone.

But because "Our Wild Hearts" is easy to watch and has a good message about going after what is important to you a lot of the cheesier moments in the movie and there are a lot of them become bearable.

What this all boils down to is that "Our Wild Hearts" is a made for TV movie which is familiar on every level from the storyline to the humour. But unless you are accustomed to the easy going nature of a made for TV ranch movie it may end up a little cheesy.