Outlaw Country (1949) Lash La Rue, Al St. John, Dan White, John Merton, Nancy Saunders, Lee Roberts Movie Review

Outlaw Country (1949)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Outlaw Country (1949)

La Rue's Double Lash

There be trouble with a gang of counterfeiters operating out of a deserted village across the border and it is why Marshal Lash La Rue and Fuzzy Q. Jones are heading across country as they are being sent there to stop the operation. On their journey their Lash and Fuzzy come to the aid of Frank Evans and his daughter Jane who Lash escorts to safety as it seems they were trying to escape from counterfeiter Jim McCord and his gang. When Lash returns not only does he discover that Fuzzy has been kidnapped but he runs into the Frontier Phantom, one of McCord's gang who happens to be Lash's long lost twin.

Quarter of an hour is not really that long but I looked at the clock as I was watching "Outlaw Country" and I was only a quarter of an hour in to this old Lash La Rue western and was surprised that it wasn't more. I say that because the first quarter of an hour of Lash La Rue delivers quite a bit of story yet next to none of it is actually that important. This though is a reoccurring issue with "Outlaw "Country" as whilst only 65 minutes long I reckon a good half of it is filler, scenes which either waste time with pointless dialogue or waste time as they have no importance when it comes to the story.

The thing about "Outlaw Country" is that this is one of those old westerns which trotted out the often used gimmick of our hero having a long lost twin who unlike the hero has turned to the dark side. As such there is some confusion, some masquerading as a bad guy and of course Lash La Rue saving the day with the use of his whip. It is all too typical but also laborious because of so many scenes not actually adding anything to the story or moving it forwards.

What this all boils down to is that "Outlaw Country" is once again just another old western which uses a gimmick which many a western star worked with by playing twins.