Outpost (2008) Ray Stevenson, Julian Wadham, Richard Brake, Paul Blair, Brett Fancy Movie Review

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Ray Stevenson in Outpost (2008)

A Long Haul

Ex-marine DC (Ray Stevenson) is hired by businessman, Hunt (Julian Wadham), to assemble a team of mercenaries to escort and protect him on a journey into a no-man's land. With each men in DC's team used to killing nothing should phase them even when they have to enter an old military bunker shrouded in darkness especially as the reward for doing so makes it seem like money for nothing. But they are completely unprepared for what they discover deep in the tunnels as they discover the bunker was used by Nazis to carry out experiments on soldiers during WII and there is something very disturbing in the tunnels making it a battle for survival.

I actually watched the sequel to "Outpost" first some while back and to be honest I wasn't that impressed with it. My criticism was that it took an age to get going, meandering through a poor attempt to build character depth before eventually delivering the action which I had been expecting. As it turns out "Outpost" does almost the same thing because in an attempt to keep the mystery of what is going on in the old bunker it takes its bloody time, in fact a bit more blood during this prolonged build up would have made it a damn sight more interesting.

The thing about "Outpost" is that it is a movie which thrives on the audience not knowing what is going on so that there is a shock factor which I am sure would have been the case when it was first released. In fact I could imagine that for those who saw "Outpost" just after its release probably were impressed by the story. Unfortunately that doesn't have the same effect now and without that the movie struggles to entertain despite being technically nicely put together with the use of the dark on the bunker to deliver sudden surprises.

The annoying this is that when things do eventually start to kick off "Outpost" becomes watch-able and certainly a lot more entertaining. Although I will admit that scenes of coming under fire above ground end up feeling not only too chaotic but generic with too many scenes just focusing on the men firing guns rather than what happens to those they are firing at.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Oupost" eventually comes good and has some very strong scenes it takes a long while to get going and deliver the sort of action I would have liked to appear much earlier on.

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