Overcome (2008) Aaron U. Brown, Jaycee Lynn, Samuel Potter, Liosi Fehoko Movie Review

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Aaron U. Brown in Overcome (2008)

Starting Again

Sarah Taylor (Jaycee Lynn) is a young tennis player who has dedicated her life to becoming great at the sport. She is also often the butt of the jokes of Colton Pratt (Aaron U. Brown) and his mates who like to mess around, go out and have fun with no care for anyone else's feelings. Colton is going so off the rails that his parents pray for an intervention before things go tragically wrong. And that is what nearly happens when a car which Colton is a passenger in crashes into a car that Sarah is driving and whilst Sarah suffers a major injury to her leg which threatens her Tennis career Colton technically dies for a few minutes before coming back after the Doctor's had given up. But something happened to Colton when he died and he returns a changed young man who not only has to deal with those who expect him to be how he use to be but also prove to those who doubt his apparent change, especially Sarah.

So first things first and I have read that "Overcome" is one of those movies which is an evangelical version of a Mormon movie, in this case a movie which is called "Turned Around". Having never watched "Turn Around" I can't say what has been left out or changed when it comes to this evangelical version and I don't mind that the producers use the same story and actors with minor changes to try and appeal to two different groups, financially it makes sense. That of course leads to the obvious point which is that "Overcome" is a faith based movie and one that targets a young Christian audience rather than trying to appeal to non Christians or Older Christians.

Jaycee Lynn in Overcome (2008)

So what we get in "Overcome" is a look at what happens when someone young turns to God and wants to make a change in their life. We see how there is more to forgiveness than just saying sorry and you need to back up those words. We also see how the people you once hung out with may find it hard to accept that you have changed as do some who you might have hurt through your old attitude and actions. I could go on but as I said this is a movie made for young Christians who have just given their life to Christ and shows them what to expect, the ups and downs of being a young Christian.

There is another reason why I say that "Overcome" is a movie for young Christians and this is because of it focusing on two young and frankly good looking people at that. And the acting is typical of a young cast with it not always coming across naturally. Then again the young actors are often better than the grown up actors and this movie is another faith based movie which promotes the idea that to speak to God you need to go to a dark room, get down on your knees and pray with your hands together which makes it feel forced.

What this all boils down to is that in so many ways "Overcome" is typical of faith based movies with various ups and downs when it comes to the production. But ignore those and it actually works as a movie for young Christians who are discovering that becoming a Christian and making up for your past mistakes and for who you were is not always that easy.