Palomino (1991) starring Lindsay Frost, Eva Marie Saint, Rod Taylor, Lee Horsley directed by Michael Miller Movie Review

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Lindsay Frost in Palomino (1991)

Horsing Around

After her news reporter husband comes home and tells her he is leaving her for his co-anchor, photographer Samantha Taylor (Lindsay Frost - The Elizabeth Smart Story) decides to head to her friend Caroline Lord's (Eva Marie Saint - I'll Be Home for Christmas) ranch to get away and do a photo shoot on cowboys. But whilst Caroline is happy to see her ranch hand Tate (Lee Horsley) is initially not so keen with an utter dislike of city folk. Despite winding each other up they grow fond of each other as has Caroline with Bill (Rod Taylor - The Train Robbers) the head ranch hand but similarly both Tate and Bill feel they can't commit to more successful women as they are not good enough. When Tate leaves the ranch rather than confront his true feelings it leads to Sam leaving. But a series of tragedies involving herself, Caroline and Bill bring her back and maybe Tate to.

So here I am again watching and reviewing a Danielle Steel movie from over 20 years ago and you might ask why. Well in truth whilst "Palomino" like many of the Danielle Steel movies is a less than subtle romantic melodrama which borders on the cheesy there is something simply entertaining about these movies. Maybe it is a comfort thing because you know what you are going to get, maybe it's the beautiful cinematography as these romantic melodramas always have nice sun lit camera work and maybe it is even the attractive actors but there is something which makes "Palomino" and many of Danielle Steel movies a guilty pleasure.

Eva Marie Saint and Rod Taylor in Palomino (1991)

What certainly isn't the reason is the storyline because stripped down and "Palomino" is that classic tale of city girl falling for a ranch hand and class issues look like they are going to prevent them from committing to each other. It is an idea which has been knocked about in cinema both big screen and small screen for a while and it makes "Palomino" on one level very obvious.

But there is also the Danielle Steel touches which mean things get convoluted not only with a sub plot surrounding Caroline and Bill but also a series of tragedies which suddenly appear during the second half. I am not going to reveal all of the tragedies but perversely the most comical for being so convoluted is when Sam has a fall, ends up paralysed and having to learn to walk again. No I am not saying paralysis is amusing but in the series of convoluted twists in "Palomino" it is ridiculous.

But less than subtle and convoluted is kind of what you expect from a Danielle Steel movie and you also expect a good looking cast which fit to a stereotype. As such Lindsay Frost is very attractive and cute as Samantha whilst Lee Horsley as Tate is handsome but rugged which means they will look good with each other especially when the bedroom scene inevitably arrives. But "Palomino" also has the added benefit of seasoned professionals Eve Marie Saint and Rod Taylor who bring some depth to their shallowly written characters.

What this all boils down to is that "Palomino" is little more than a stereotypical Danielle Steel movie but if that is what you enjoy or need then the less than subtle romantic melodrama will entertain.

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