Paratroop Command (1959) starring Richard Bakalyan, Ken Lynch, Jack Hogan, Jimmy Murphy, Jeff Morris, James Beck directed by William Witney Movie Review

Paratroop Command (1959)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Richard Bakalyan in Paratroop Command (1959)

A Right Charlie

Charlie (Richard Bakalyan) had never been much good at anything with failed jobs and marriages being testimony to this which is why following Pearl Harbour he signed up to fight. But his screw ups continue to plague him as having parachuted in with his troop he mistakenly shoots an American believing him to be the enemy. Not only does it make him feel even worse about himself but makes him an enemy of his own men who side line him through out their various campaigns. Finally Charlie gets a chance to redeem himself for all his screw ups but at what cost?

Here is the good news "Paratroop Command" runs for just 71 minutes which means you are not sacrificing a lot of time to watch it if you feel the need to. But the bad news is that there is very little reason to watch it in the first place as it is an innocuous b-war movie which you probably won't remember much of a few hours after it has finished. I suppose what I am saying is that if you are a fan of war movies and feel a need to watch a movie because it is a war movie then watch "Paratroop Command" but for those looking for war action entertainment I would suggest seeking it else where.

The trouble is that "Paratroop Command" is an anonymous movie with cliche one dimensional characters and cliche action. Even the central premise of Charlie being a screw up doesn't add up too much although in fairness I don't remember having come across the idea before so that is something. But again there is nothing special about it, although at the same time I have to say there is nothing bad either.

What this all boils down to is that "Paratroop Command" is a nothing movie which if you are a war movie buff you might feel a compulsion to watch but otherwise there is no reason to watch it.