Passion and Prejudice (2001) starring Frances Fisher, Derwin Jordan, Kandyse McClure, Jonathan Potts, Richard Donat directed by Karen Arthur Movie Review

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Frances Fisher and Derwin Jordan in Passion and Prejudice (2001)

Prisoner of Love

College Professor Gwen Barry (Frances Fisher - The Audrey Hepburn Story) loves the written word, romantic prose consumes her in a very special way. She is also consumed with fixing up her sea view home but struggles with the garden so gets Dalton Roy (Derwin Jordan - On Hostile Ground) a handsome young prisoner on a work release programme to help. Despite initially concerned by having a convict in her home she warms to him, helping him to learn to read and before long they embark on a steamy affair. But when Dalton is released from prison having completed his sentence he tries to start a new and meets a younger woman at college which riles Gwen as she seeks to still be part of his life at what ever cost.

"Passion and Prejudice" is certainly entertaining but it is entertaining for as much which is good as which is bad. The good is the basic idea of a prim professor who having spent her whole life studying and teaching has never felt romance, instead consumed by the romantic literature which she teaches until getting a sexual awakening with a handsome young prisoner. The way she becomes obsessed with him, popping home from work at lunch time for a nooner to then being consumed with jealousy when he sets out to have his own life is ideal for an erotic thriller. Add to that the location, the sea view property is stunning and ideal for various scenes of erotica.

But that is the good and the bad is that it is excruciatingly over the top be it Gwen's initial primness to her sexual awakening. It is hilarious when she comes home for a nooner and removes her underwear whilst sexy dancing over Dalton and that is not the funniest of moments as the scene when Dalton drops his towel and Gwen sees him naked is simply hilarious. It is such a shame that there are so many ridiculous, over the top scenes because in the end they spoil what could have been a great thriller.

Now despite some over the top moments the casting of Frances Fisher and Derwin Jordan works well, they work well together and look believable in the quieter intimate moments. Unfortunately the catalogue of ridiculous scenes including one in the car just after Dalton is released end up spoiling their characterisations.

What this all boils down to is that "Passion and Prejudice" is entertaining but unfortunately it is because of both what is good and bad about it.

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