Perfect Match (2015) (aka: A Perfect Wedding) Danica McKellar, Paul Greene, Linda Gray Movie Review

Perfect Match (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Paul Greene and Danica McKellar in Perfect Match (2015) (aka: A Perfect Wedding)

A Perfect Compromise

Jessica (Danica McKellar - Crown for Christmas), a single mum and renowned wedding planner, has met Adam Parker (Paul Greene - A Christmas Detour), an event planner, once before and it didn't go well. So when Jessica is asked by Gabby (Linda Gray - McBride: It's Murder, Madam) to organize her son's wedding she is not overly happy when she discovers her son has asked his cousin Adam to help out. Despite walking away from the job Jessica finds herself persuaded in to coming back by Gabby. Whilst Jessica and Adam try to work together they have very different ideas when it comes to everything to do with the wedding. But forced to spend time together and compromise over the organization they find they get on better than they could have ever imagined.

It's Hallmark movie tick list time again as we have a single mum who having been burned once by romance doesn't have time for love herself. But as a successful business owner she is super organized which means her son's life is full of routines so every Tuesday night is mac n cheese casserole and they can't have a dogbecause that means potential chaos. But of course enter the man, the complete opposite whose live each day as it comes attitude makes spark fly between them whilst he bonds with her son. I could go on but I would hope you know how things play out in "Perfect Match".

What this means is that like so many Hallmark romantic comedies "Perfect Match" rests on the casting and thankfully they got it right. Danica McKellar has the cuteness which Hallmark movies calls out for and that makes her easy to like even when her character is so cliche it is forgettable. It is the same when it comes to Paul Greene as he does tall, charming and handsome. Plus this is sealed off with Linda Gray bringing a touch of mischievous maternal to the proceedings which is exactly what is called for.

What this all boils down to is that "Perfect Match" isn't anything new when it comes to Hallmark movies and it isn't anything special as it sticks to a formula which has been used more times than I care to remember. But it works that formula well with the right vibe and the right cast to make it entertaining, well for fans of Hallmark romantic comedies.