Perfect on Paper (2014) Lindsay Hartley, Morgan Fairchild, Haley Strode, Tom Costello, Drew Fuller, Katie Gill, Tina Huang, Kieren Hutchison Movie Review

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Lindsay Hartley and Morgan Fairchild in Perfect on Paper (2014)

Not That Perfect

Book editor, Natalie Holland (Lindsay Hartley - Deadly Exchange) has a habit of picking the wrong guy which is why when she gets a phone call from her old friend, Avery Goldstein (Haley Strode), she accepts an offer to move to LA from Portland to work for her on a special project. That special project is to edit bestselling author Beverly Wilcox's (Morgan Fairchild - A Christmas in Vermont) latest romance novel. Easier said than done when Beverly is a demanding woman who doesn't take kindly to interference from others. To make matters worse Natalie finds herself falling for Bob Lewis (Kieren Hutchison - Flower Girl), a successful LA attorney who on paper seems perfect, but she also becomes friends with Coop (Drew Fuller - The Ultimate Gift), a surfer who tutors a young boy when he isn't surfing.

15 minutes after I typed that synopsis for "Perfect on Paper" I am still pondering what I can say about this Hallmark movie which I haven't already said about a hundred other Hallmark movies and there is nothing. Everything about this is typical, from the movie starting with Nataloe being dumped to her moving to another town and ending up torn between two men; the successful looking one with a good career and the more laid back one who looks like all he will amount to is delivering the pizza. Of course you know where all this is going and with Natalie being a book editor she should know not to judge a book by its cover or judge a man on first impressions.

Drew Fuller in Perfect on Paper (2014)

But whilst I can't say that "Perfect on Paper" did a great deal for me I can say that being typical Hallmark it will still entertain fans of these easy to watch movies. It has that simplistic view on romance with a touch of fairytale going on which makes it easy to watch and be charmed by, if all you want is a basic, predictable romantic comedy which goes out of its way not to offend the audience.

What this all boils down to is that "Perfect on Paper" is an okay Hallmark movie but it just lacks that vibe, that spark and chemistry, be it romantic or comedic, to make it a fun way to spend 80 minutes or so.