Point of Entry (2007) starring Holly Marie Combs, Patrick Muldoon, Roark Critchlow, Max Burkholder directed by Stephen Bridgewater Movie Review

Point of Entry (2007)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Patrick Muldoon in Point of Entry (2007)

The Point is?

When his goddaughter is murdered along with her parents Det. Miles Porter (Richard Roundtree) retires from the Phoenix Police Force in order to dedicate his life to catching the sickoe who killed her. Meanwhile after an attack in their home Kathy & Richard Alden (Holly Marie Combs, & Roark Critchlow) along with their son move to a new home on a gated community which features a lot of security. Soon they are making friends with the divorced, drink loving Brianna (Traci Lords) and also their neighbour Caleb Theroux (Patrick Muldoon) whose home is full of toys and who writes children's books for a living.

How not to make a movie! I am sure that lesson must be part of the course if you go off to college to do film studies and I am sure they must show a class examples of what not to do. Well if they want examples "Point of Entry" should be added to their list as within the first 10 minutes it tells us far too much and makes watching the rest pretty pointless. In fact I think at the 5 minute point they should have tossed up a spoiler alert sign which is what I am doing now because to tell you how wrong "Point of Entry" is I need to tell you what I watched.

Holly Marie Combs in Point of Entry (2007)

So "Point of Entry" opens with the aftermath of a murder where there is this artistically drawn children's book and then they show a certain character in their home with the exact same sort of book. But then we have the Alden's moving to this home featuring lots of security and this is pointed out by the realtor, played by Charlene Tilton. Okay except the person we saw after the first murder happens to be their neighbour and wait for it Kathy Alden has nightmares over a previous attack in their old home. And just to add to what's wrong we have Richard Alden who feeling shut out of his marriage has a woman on the side who phones him. Everything about "Point of Entry" is obvious and whilst the children's book clue is okay the rest of it isn't.

The knock on effect of this is that the cynic in me feels like they hired a good looking cast because they knew the movie was poor and hoped the popularity of Holly Marie Combs and Patrick Muldoon as well as Richard Roundtree might win them some brownie points with audiences. As such the characters which these familiar actors play are nothing special and you will have forgotten about them less than 24 hours after watching this.

What this all boils down to is that "Point of Entry" offers very little from start to finish as it gives things away and is not subtle at all. But whilst this makes it weak it does benefit from a likeable cast which might just sustain an afternoon audience's attention.