Post Impact (2004) Dean Cain, Bettina Zimmermann, Joanna Taylor, Nigel Bennett, John Keogh, Cheyenne Rushing Movie Review

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Dean Cain in Post Impact (2004)

Post it Back

For Col. Tom Parker (Dean Cain - The Perfect Husband: The Laci Peterson Story) it was just another day as head of security at the American Embassy in Berlin. That is until meteor Bay-Leder 7 came crashing down to earth and Tom was forced on board a military plane by Col. Preston Waters (Nigel Bennett - Rush of Fear) and having to leave his wife and child behind to face probable death as the meteor causes a new ice-age across the northern hemisphere. A couple of years later a plane appears to be brought down by someone in Berlin and it leads Tom to reunite with Preston and also scientist Anna Starndorf (Bettina Zimmermann - Pompeii) to head on an expedition into the frozen wastelands to not only discover what happened but maybe save the planet by returning it to the way it once was.

I like to be honest when it comes to reviewing movies so I will tell you that right from the word go "Post Impact" failed to keep me interested or entertained. Maybe it was because the set-up was disjointed, in a rush to get to the main storyline, or maybe it was simply that the production values did little to draw me in. But in truth I think I may simply have known that "Post Impact" was going to be a weak movie, even a bad movie, before I actually started to watch and so kind of knew I would end up getting distracted by other, equally pointless things.

So what is wrong with "Post Impact"? Well there is next to know character depth which makes it hard to connect to anyone beyond Dean Cain as Tom Parker. The actually storyline about trying to discover what is going on in Berlin is disjointed and frankly uninteresting. And as for the special effects, well much of it looks like it belong in a video game from the 1990s and those which are not clearly computer graphics are shot in the dark so you can't really seen what is going on. But then there are the action scenes and sadly they are not in the dark but should be as they are not in the least bit convincing let alone entertaining.

What this all boils down to is that "Post Impact" is poor and I doubt even the staunchest Dean Cain fan would be able to find much which is positive to say about it.