Prey (1977) Barry Stokes, Sally Faulkner, Glory Annen, Sandy Chinney Movie Review

Prey (1977)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Sally Faulkner and Glory Annen in Prey (1977)

Alien vs Lesbians

Jessica (Glory Annen) and her lover Josephine (Sally Faulkner) are awoken one night when Jessica is convinced an alien spacecraft has landed nearby. And she wasn't wrong as an amorous couple in a car are dispatched by an alien with the alien taking the place of the man, Anderson (Barry Stokes). When Jessica and Josephine take Anderson in as he appears hurt things start to become complicated as the possessive Josephine doesn't like the way Jessica is getting close to their guest. But there is also of course the question of what an alien is doing on Earth in the first place.

Let me break down what is going on in "Prey"; firstly we have an alien who is on a scouting mission to Earth but is a deadly being who will eliminate any danger by eating them. Then we have Josephine who use to work for Jessica's family and has obsessive, controlling lesbian feelings towards the younger Jessica. And then there is Jessica who has lived a sheltered life and is yearning to experience more which cause issues for Josephine. It is without a doubt a curious set up and to be honest almost 30 years later is still enough to draw you in and keep you watching.

But of course "Prey" was made back in 1977 and it looks every ounce a product of the late 70s. From the camera work to the electro soundtrack and taking in the special effects make-up, it is simply incredibly dated. This is also highlighted by the moments of nudity and a lesbian sex scene which gets thrown in for no other reason than 70s audiences expected bare breasts in their horror movies.

What this all boils down to is that whilst "Prey" is dated in look and style the underlying storyline when it comes the characters and the secrets which get revealed make it still surprisingly entertaining.