Profile for Murder (2013) Nicki Aycox, Steve Bacic, Cameron Bancroft, Megan Charpentier, Ona Grauer, Vicky Huang, Darren Moore Movie Review

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Nicki Aycox in Profile for Murder (2013)

Profiling a made for TV Thriller

Jackie (Nicki Aycox - Ticking Clock) once worked as a criminal profiler but after her last case working with Sam (Steve Bacic - She Made Them Do It) she quit as not only did the man she help put inside vow to have his revenge but she was getting too close to Sam considering that she was married. But when the man escapes Jackie knows he is going to come for her and also her family. With Jackie drawn back into things despite reports of the convict dying in a car crash it causes tension between her and her husband Richard (Cameron Bancroft - Ring of Deceit) who happens to be keeping a secret of his own.

Spoiler, Spoiler, Spoiler - I say that three times because I want to make it abundantly clear that after this sentence I am going to reveal things which go on in "Profile for Murder" and I say it three times out of frustration at a movie which appears to be one thing but in truth is busy with some thing else. So that one thing is the typical escaped convict coming back for revenge against a woman who put him inside. As such we have plenty of typical with Jackie frightened for the safety of her daughter and being on edge 24/7 which means she doesn't do much sleeping.

Steve Bacic in Profile for Murder (2013)

But you see "Profile for Murder" isn't just about Jackie worrying about the escaped convict as it is all about relationships. We have Jackie being extremely close to Sam who has feelings for her and doesn't think Richard, her husband, is good enough for her. Sam even tells Jackie that Richard has being seeing her psychiatrist, Dr. Michelle, in secret. As such not only do we have growing tensions between Richard and Jackie over her getting involved in the case but we also have Jackie becoming increasingly distrusting of him. Whilst all this adds an interesting layer to the movie it makes it not about the psycho coming after Jackie but the machinations of those around Jackie be it her husband, her shrink or Sam. So I said spoiler earlier and sadly they make it far too obvious what is really going on when it comes to who is really terrorizing Jackie, you will realise as soon as it starts happening.

As for the acting well it is at best okay with both Steve Bacic and Cameron Bancroft delivering the same sort of performances you will have come across if you have seen them in other TV movies. That leaves Nicki Aycox who is effective as Jackie delivering the aspect of being a woman torn between her husband and the man who clearly has feelings for her but her character is forgettable as is "Profile for Murder".

What this all boils down to is that "Profile for Murder" ends up just another made for TV thriller which whilst an okay distraction isn't overly memorable or entertaining enough to give you that feeling that you need to watch it again.