Promises to Keep (1985) Robert Mitchum, Christopher Mitchum, Bentley Mitchum, Tess Harper, Claire Bloom, Merritt Butrick, Jane Sibbett Movie Review

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Robert Mitchum in Promises to Keep (1985)

It Runs in the Mitchum Family

Jack Palmer (Robert Mitchum - Reunion at Fairborough) has received some bad news, he has an illness which means he is going to need an operation and even then he may not have long left. It is why he decides to try and spend some time with the wife, Sally (Claire Bloom - Florence Nightingale), and son, Tom (Christopher Mitchum - The Day Time Ended), he abandoned some 30 years earlier. Whilst Sally quickly works out some thing is wrong, Tom wants nothing to do with his father and is more concerned about the family's financial issues. But Tom's son, Johnny (Bentley Mitchum), is curious to get to know the grandfather he has never met especially when he finds himself in trouble having gotten himself involved in a smuggling operation.

Anyone who loves movies know there are quite a few acting families out there and once in a while one of these acting families come together to appear in a movie. Back in 1985 it was the turn of the Mitchum family with Robert, his son Christopher and grandson Bentley all appearing in the made for TV drama "Promises to Keep". And whilst both Christopher and Bentley don't have that same relaxed style of Robert there is some thing pleasant about seeing these three generations of the Mitchum family on screen together. And the supporting cast with Claire Boom, Tess Harper and Jane Sibbett playing the ex wife, wife and girlfriend of the men provide just enough so they aren't just extra characters.

But aside from the Mitchum factor what you get in "Promises to Keep" is actually quite a routine drama which almost writes itself. To start with we have Jack who is hiding his illness from his son, his son not only having financial difficulties but has a lot of resentment when it comes to his father which he can't let go. But of course we have the catalyst to sort out all the problems which is young Johnny getting himself in trouble with some smugglers. As I said it is the sort of drama which beyond the specifics of what is being smuggled is pretty routine and doesn't surprise you as to how it plays out but it is a decent enough vehicle which works well for the three generations.

What this all boils down to is that "Promises to Keep" is just a nice drama with the added pull of having three generations of the Mitchum family sharing the screen.