Pumpkin Pie Wars (2016) Julie Gonzalo, Eric Aragon, Michele Scarabelli, Jennifer-Juniper Angeli Movie Review

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Julie Gonzalo and Eric Aragon in Pumpkin Pie Wars (2016)

Baking the Perfect One

Faye (Michele Scarabelli - Marry Me at Christmas) and Lydia (Jennifer-Juniper Angeli) were once good friends but 10 years ago they fell out during the Emeryville annual Pumpkin Pie contest leading to a long rivalry as they each opened their own bakeries. But now with their grown up children Casey (Julie Gonzalo - 3 Holiday Tails) and Sam (Eric Aragon - Boyfriend Killer) involved with their parent's bakeries they find themselves going head to head in the annual Pumpkin Pie competition, which with Casey being accident prone and Sam a trained chef leads to even more competition. But whilst initially rivals Casey and Sam find themselves falling for each other.

I often wonder if Doris Day decided to make a movie now whether she would chose to make a Hallmark movie. I say that because the wholesome nature of a Hallmark romantic comedy is very much in tune with the romantic comedies Doris Day once starred in. What it means for me as I watched "Pumpkin Pie Wars" was that not only could I have imagined Doris once playing the character that Julie Gonzalo plays in this but I could now have also seen her playing a character of a Grandma who encourages her grand daughter and is a bit mischievous.

Anyway I digress from what in truth is more of a fantasy and so as to "Pumpkin Pie Wars", it has all those ingredients which you associate with a Hallmark movie whether it is a movie about food or not. As such of course Casey and Sam end up falling for each other and discover they have various things in common such as Sam's ambition to turn his mum's bakery into a restaurant whist Casey has the business acumen to do so. But equally of course they find themselves trying to hide their fondness dor each other from their family. I could go on but of course if you are a fan of Hallmark movies this is all expected.

What is nice about "Pumpkin Pie Wars" is that Julie Gonzalo and Eric Aragon have a gentleness which makes their character's blossoming friendship pleasant. It means that whilst you don't quite get the spark of great romantic chemistry you do get the playfulness which is fun.

What this all boils down to is that "Pumpkin Pie Wars" is exactly what you expect from a Hallmark movie which is what I expected as this makes it light hearted fun.