Redline (2007) starring Nathan Phillips, Nadia Bjorlin, Angus Macfadyen, Eddie Griffin, Tim Matheson, Jesse Johnson, Barbara Niven directed by Andy Cheng Movie Review

Redline (2007)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Nadia Bjorlin in Redline (2007)

The Fast & The Spurious

Millionaires; Infamous (Eddie Griffin - Date Movie), Michael (Angus Macfadyen - Saw III) and Jerry (Tim Matheson - Driven to Succeed: The Story of Martha Stewart) get their kicks from betting on illegal car races involving their top of the line cars and drivers. Singer Natasha (Nadia Bjorlin) finds herself reluctantly drawn in to this messy world and quickly wants out. The trouble is that she can't get out and so has to manipulate things to get out.

Here is the most interesting fact about "Redline" the various expensive cars used in the movie belonged to producer Daniel Sadek, who financed the movie out of his own pocket. But that is it as "Redline" ends up coming across like an expensive folly, a vanity project of a millionaire who thought the combination of his fast cars and plenty of cleavage shots would make a movie. I suppose if I was an eleven year old boy it might just excite me but if you want hot cars and hot girls there are better movies out there.

Eddie Griffin in Redline (2007)

The trouble starts with the lack of storyline or at least a storyline which involves you. This whole storyline about millionaires throwing their cash around whilst Natasha finds herself involved but wanting out is incredibly weak and surprisingly messy. But it is done no favours when you have a director who doesn't even try to tell the story. Nope instead director Andy Cheng delivers action, cleavage and girls in bikinis on a loop but that is it.

Now the most depressing thing about "Redline" is that technically it does what other hot car movies do, that is show hot cars, hot women in little clothing and combine with some music. But for some reason here it is so flat and uninteresting because it seems to just go through the loop of doing what other movies do but without the storyline or characters to involve the audience. Which brings me to my final point as whilst names such as Angus Macfadyen, Eddie Griffin and Tim Matheson are well known there contribution to the movie is minimal because their characters are weak and are not important to what the movie is about.

What this all boils down to is that "Redline" is a by the book hot car movie except who ever wrote the book failed to come up with one essential ingredient, a reasonable storyline for all the hot car, hot girl action to feed off of.