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Reluctant Witness (2015)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Bruce Ramsay and Mia Kirshner in Reluctant Witness (2015)

Witness Revenge Programme

Erin (Mia Kirshner - Kiss at Pine Lake) use to becalled Melissa but that was 10 years ago when she used to be gangster Jimmy Collins' girl. That was before she went to the FBI and helped them in return for being put in the witness protection programme. After Jimmy was reportedly killed Erin got on with her life and got married to Levon Villenueve (Bruce Ramsay - Brick Mansions). But then when Levon's sister shows up with this guy called Warren Cooper (Paul McGillion - All of My Heart) it unsettles Erin as he reminds her of Jimmy, causing her to get in touch with Agent Troy Rolands (John Cassini - The Grim Sleeper) as she fears Jimmy never died and now he is back and is not only after her but also their daughter Becky (Madeleine Arthur).

Warning spoiler alert ahead so if you don't want to know what "Reluctant Witness" doesn't hesitate in telling you then take a look at one of my other reviews rather than leaving the site. So anyway, within the first 20 minutes of "Reluctant Witness" we learn that Erin went to the FBI, we also see that someone with recognizable features and a tattoo had cosmetic surgery done and this is followed by one of those press clippings where we learn gangster Jimmy died. And then after a quick catch-up we learn that new guy Warren is Jimmy and not only does he want Erin back but also his daughter. And you think, so okay not even a third of the way in and it seems like "Reluctant Witness" has told you everything which is going to happen right down to Erin having not told Levon about her past.

Paul McGillion in Reluctant Witness (2015)

Now that isn't everything as we learn one other thing during those opening twenty minutes of "Reluctant Witness" which adds another layer to the story and in many ways a welcome one as it adds a much needed element which could go one way or another, although saying that this other element doesn't last long. And so it doesn't add enough to make "Reluctant Witness" anything special because the set up has only one real path which is Erin becoming increasingly suspicious of Warren, discovering the truth and inevitably having to fight to protect herself and her family. What this means is that "Reluctant Witness" is another one of those afternoon TV movies which you know how it will play out even before it gets going and that makes it easy to watch although at the same time disappointing for others who expected more and didn't want to be able to guess the end before it comes.

What this all boils down to is that "Reluctant Witness" has some nice ideas, it has an okay twist of sorts and in fairness it is both nicely shot and acted. But it is also just a typical made for TV movie which you know before the first 20 minutes are up not just everything you need to know but also how it is likely to end.