Roadkill (2011) starring Kacey Barnfield, Oliver James, Eliza Bennett, Stephen Rea, Ned Dennehy, Eve Macklin, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith directed by Johannes Roberts Movie Review

Roadkill (2011)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Roadkill (2011) starring Kacey Barnfield, Oliver James, Eliza Bennett

Pecked Off

A group of young adults including former lovers Ryan (Oliver James) and Kate (Kacey Barnfield) along with Kate's brother have rented an RV to go driving around Ireland in. But at a bar they fall foul of a gypsy who tries to pass off a brooch on them but switching it when they hand over the money. When one of them steels the correct brooch and they flee to their RV they end up accidentally running over a gypsy woman who puts a curse on them. That curse is a giant bird known as a Simuroc which hunts them down so that the gypsies can get their brooch back.

You don't watch a movie like "Roadkill" with anything but low expectations especially after you read a synopsis which mentions being cursed by a giant bird. But even when watched with low expectations "Roadkill" is a slog thanks to annoying characters, lots of cliches and the expected dodgy CGI work.

The thing is that "Roadkill" is just a horror cliche with the only difference being that we have this giant bird after are group of young people. As such we have those young people, a good looking bunch with the obligatory characters from the jerk, the princess to the black character who by the rules of horror movies is not going to survive. We have the run in with a bunch of quirky characters in the middle of nowhere, in this case the Irish gypsies including the scary old woman with one eye. And then it is a case of watching and waiting to see which of the stereotypical characters are going to get picked off or in this case pecked off.

What this all boils down to is that "Roadkill" is just another one of those poor late night creature features which relies on cliches and uses poor CGI. The only genuinely good thing about it is that it is shot on location and the scenery is a pleasant distraction.