Roadside (2013) Ace Marrero, Katie Stegeman, Lionel D. Carson, Marshall Yates Movie Review

Roadside (2013)   2/52/52/52/52/5

Ace Marrero in Roadside (2013)

Leave it at the Roadside

Driving to see their relatives Dan and his heavily pregnant wife Mindy have a run in with a guy in a truck and when they stop at a roadside store Dan has words with the driver. Having continued on with their journey they find the road blocked by a fallen tree and the next thing they know they are being pinned down by a man hiding in the trees with a sniper rifle. When Dan and Mindy don't arrive on time his brother ventures out to look for them and in to the nightmare situation.

It's a familiar story; a couple in a car have a run in with a guy in a dirty truck and then find themselves being terrorized by the driver. But where "Roadside" differs is that this isn't a case of the truck driver hunting them down and running them off the road but instead pinning them down with a sniper's rife. In fact this feels like it could be the ending of one of those typical road rage movies where having caused his victims to crash the unseen psycho then torments them.

The trouble is that whilst "Roadside" is a twist on the normal it is not an effective one and between failing to build the characters it also fails to really generate the tension needed. Not only that as with this feeling like what would be the ending of a road rage movie it feels drawn out and repetitive with not a lot happening. Add to that it feels low budget and it all combines to not a lot to be honest.

What this all boils down to is that "Roadside" doesn't work and sadly ends up an incredibly monotonous horror movie because of it feeling drawn out and not having much going on.