Robin Hood (1973) voices Roger Miller, Peter Ustinov, Terry-Thomas, Brian Bedford directed by Wolfgang Reitherman Movie Review

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Disney's Robin Hood (1973)

Robin the Audience

Tired of greedy Prince John ruling the roost over the people of Nottingham unties with Little John and along with their band of merry men won't stop till they get rid of Prince John and get King Richard back where he belongs, on the throne. And whilst he is busy doing that Robin also has some time to try and win the hand of Maid Marian.

I have always liked movies before my time and I am wondering if that is the reason why Disney's "Robin Hood" has never blown me away. Now I should say that I was born in 1972 and Disney's "Robin Hood" should have been a movie of my childhood but I didn't see it for the first time till the late 80s and by then I had already become enamoured with the Disney animations of the 1940s and it quite simply doesn't compare to them.

Now don't get me wrong as Disney's "Robin Hood" is an amusing enough movie with fun characters and good voice work as well as some fun musical interludes but the detail isn't there. There is also a sense that this animation drew too heavily on earlier Disney animations with one character after another feeling like it was lifted from another cartoon. But in many ways the familiarity of the Robin Hood story also works against it.

What this all boils down to, and I know this is short, but Disney's "Robin Hood" just felt like it wasn't up to Disney's usual standards with many things feeling like it was made cheaply. But I reckon if I had seen Disney's "Robin Hood" as a child it would have kept me entertained and I can also see it being fun for young audiences now.

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