Rolling Home (1946) Jean Parker, Russell Hayden, Pamela Blake, Raymond Hatton Movie Review

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Russell Hayden and Robert 'Buzz' Henry in Rolling Home (1946)

Riding Home

Pop Miller (Raymond Hatton) and his grandson Gary (Robert 'Buzz' Henry) end up leaving the rodeo circuit after his horse, his long term companion, goes lame and others think they should put the horse out of its misery. Arriving in a small town the local minister, Reverend David Owens (Russell Hayden) tends to the injured horse despite having other pressing issues to deal with. One of those issues is the sad fact that his church is riddled with debt with a miracle needed if he is ever going to pay it off. But things are made all the more complicated by wealthy widow Frances Crawford (Jean Parker) who would be the answer to all his problems if he wasn't really keen on her younger sister Pamela (Pamela Blake).

Did you know that good things happen to good people who stand up for what they believe in. That is in essence what goes on in "Rolling Home" as through old rodeo rider Pop Miller we meet the Reverend David Owens who despite facing financial difficulties and the opposition of some of the senior members of his congregation stands up for what he believes and that includes helping Miller and his grandson. And unsurprisingly it makes for a charming 70 minute distraction but nothing overly special.

In truth the only way that "Rolling Home" can be special now is for those who have a fondness for any of the cast be that Russell Hayden or Jean Parker. Plus of course there are some younger stars in this such as Robert 'Buzz' Henry and Jo Ann Marlowe although many might be more interested in this featuring Harry Carey Jr. in his first movie as an adult.

What this all boils down to is that "Rolling Home" is a fun distraction if you appreciate old movies but it is nothing special and as such is quite forgettable.