Santa Baby (2006) Movie Review

Santa Baby (2006)   3/53/53/53/53/5

Jenny McCarthy in Santa Baby (2006)

Santa's Mary Christmas

Mary (Jenny McCarthy - John Tucker Must Die) is a workaholic; she literally lives and breathes work and as such she is incredibly good at her job even though it means that she has to schedule time around her work to see her boyfriend, Grant (Tobias Mehler). But then on Thanksgiving weekend Mary gets a call from her distraught mother (Lynne Griffin) as her father (George Wendt - Forever Young) has had a heart attack. So with her assistant, Donna (Kandyse McClure), accompanying her Mary returns home where Donna learns the truth, Mary is in fact Mary Claus, Santa's daughter. With her father convalescing Mary decides it is time to bring the North Pole in to the 21st century with all her efficiency ideas, which for years her father has refused to listen to. The question is, is the North Pole ready for Mary and her new fangled ideas?

Jenny McCarthy looking stunning as she turns slowly and her blonde hair flicks in the air as she delivers a stunning smile, that is my lasting memory of "Santa Baby" well that and George Wendt who is almost unrecognizable under thick white hair as Santa. But then I am much older than the intended audience for "Santa Baby", which I would say is the teenage market with young teens enjoying the humour and older teens enjoying the looks of Jenny McCarthy whilst also some of the humour. I apologize now because I will probably have mentioned Jennie McCarthy a few more times before this review is out.

George Wendt in Santa Baby (2006)

So "Santa Baby" with its eye on the teen audience keeps things simple and Christmas cute as we have Santa's daughter Mary returning to the North Pole and trying to bring her big business ideas to the traditional toy factory only with some inevitable mishaps along the way, you know elves getting sucked up in vacuum tubes and so on. We also have on top of that a troubled father daughter relationship as Mary and Santa are too similar and so lock horns over her new ways against his love of the traditional ways. But this sort of Christmas movie would not be complete without some romance so back at the North Pole is good guy Luke who was dating Mary before she left for the city and of course is still sweet on her. There is not a single aspect of "Santa Baby" which is original right down to some boyfriend jealousy going on.

But whilst "Santa Baby" is not high entertainment it kind of works for its intended audience thanks to Jenny McCarthy looking beautiful, some beautiful sets and plenty of easy to follow comedy. In a way "Santa Baby" is all about the look and it gets it right so whilst the lack of creativity for grown ups will make it a shallow experience it is still enjoyable.

What this all boils down to is that "Santa Baby" is okay for its intended audience and some grown ups who enjoy shallow entertainment. But it is a case that "Santa Baby" is a movie which is 90% about the look be it the beautiful sets or the attractive Jenny McCarthy.

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