Santa Who? (2000) Movie Review

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Leslie Nielsen in Santa Who? (2000)

From the Files of Santa Claus

As a child Peter Albright (Connor Cunningham, Steven Eckholdt) not only had to deal with being abandoned at an orphanage but also seeing his letter to Santa thrown into the fire by the Governess. Now 25 years later and Peter is a TV reporter and not one who enjoys the festive season, especially when he is forced to dress up as Santa. But Peter is dating Claire Dreyer (Robyn Lively - The Karate Kid, Part III) whose child Zack (Max Morrow) believes in Santa. Then one day the real Santa (Leslie Nielsen - Spy Hard) comes crashing down to Earth, due to bad turbulence, and ends up landing on Peter's car. The trouble is that in the fall Santa suffered amnesia and whilst Peter lets him stay with him whilst he tries to find him his home Zack is sure he is the real Santa.

So let me give you the positives when it comes to "Santa Who?" and they start with Leslie Nielsen who makes for a very good Santa, especially one who has become world weary and cynical. But at the same time he brings the magic of Santa, the warmth and caring, to life in such away that even as a grown up he makes you want to believe again even when he doesn’t know who he is. The other positive is that "Santa Who?" in my book is aimed at the under 13 market with plenty of cute and innocent stuff for young children yet just entertaining enough for grown ups who find them selves sitting with their children whilst watching it.

But here is the negative, well negative for those grown ups who find them selves watching, "Santa Who?" is incredibly obvious. Here we have Peter the cynic who due to his childhood doesn't do Christmas, I wonder what will happen there then. There is also Peter's relationship with Claire and Zack who being a good kid sees Peter for who he is as all he cares about is himself. And of course there is also the obvious comedy of Santa not knowing who he is but also the Santa magic. Basically whilst "Santa Who?" has some original ideas they end up used in the most obvious of ways which is a shame.

What this all boils down to is that "Santa Who?" is very much a movie for under 13s, with plenty of innocent comedy and fun characters. It is okay for adults who find them selves watching with their children with the exception of it maybe being a little too obvious.

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